A Better Way of Goal Setting-But What If You Can?

Personally I’ve never liked the word “goal”. It was as if there was a stigma attached to it in my mind telling me if was a superficial word, something only motivational speakers use. Although as I started to get older I realized the value in the word “goal”. I find the way we talk about reaching the goals, though, is the problem. To start to understand me check out this video on YouTube:

This video may not seem super relevant based on the title, but the content is exactly what I’m talking about. This channel “Yes Theory” is incredibly inspirational and has built an awesome platform to express and share crazy ideas. They also really understand how to set goals with balance these two things: "what do you want and what do you need right now?” Both of these things are very important to consider in the planning stages of goal achieving because we’d all love to be perfectly fine doing the exact thing that makes us happy every minute of the day, but unfortunately in this world there are necessities in this world such as food, water, shelter. And if you didn't know yet these things are made possible by money. I think we often keep things such as art and other passions so separate from our career paths, but why not mix both? New job opportunities are opening everyday that weren’t even a possibility 10 years ago. Take advantage of that. Make your own career path. Optimize your happiness.

So, how is it that you know how to achieve the perfect balance of wants and needs, careers and passions? Well, I start by making lists. As talked about in the Yes Theory video, the steps to achieving your goals starts with writing them down. I write down what I’ve been wanting to get into lately along the lines of hobbies, sports, arts, anything that has been on your mind. Write them in a journal you like, one you won’t be hesitant to open again. It’s so much easier to make decisions about what you want to pursue once the ideas are down on paper. Once you’ve written down what you want to do, then it’s time to factors in the needs. By that I mean start research. For example. one of my goals right now is to become a Dive Master in scuba diving. To check what the income of a diving instructor is, what dive shops are hiring, etc. I just researched on the internet. Once you identify the potential in your goal, take it step by step. What certifications might you need or what skills it might require. Lastly, understand what needs to be done to initiate the goal. Set up an appointment, sign up for the class, schedule the interview.

We make up most of what keeps us from achieving our goals. Take the first step. The rest won’t come instantly, but it will be much easier since you have ever step written down (;

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Jeff Rich


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