How to Make the Most Out of Your Town

Even though your town may seem like the most boring place in the world, you can make the most out of wherever you live by intentionally seeking out new experiences and being open to making new connections. Although travel is always on my mind and in my heart, going to a regular high school doesn't allow much time for flying abroad and hostel hopping every day of the week. Even though my dream is to do just that, here are 9 ways I try to make the most of the town I'm in.



1. Visit a Musuem 

Visiting a museum is a great way to understand the history and culture of wherever you are and is a great place to unplug from social media and learn about your surroundings. Also, a ton of museums offer a discounted ticket price for students, so make sure you ask! 


2. Have a picnic 

If the weather is nice, a fun picnic is a great way to hang out with friends and make amazing memories. Personally, I love spending time chatting, snacking, and taking pictures with my friends, especially during the sunny summer days. 


3. Visit a local bookstore 

Reading is such a great way to challenge yourself and learn to empathize with characters who have lived different lives than you. It's especially awesome if your town has local authors that write about the place where you live. You could find a totally relatable story, learn about the history of your town, or gain an entirely new perspective on where you live. 

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4. Eat out 

Even if you think your town doesn't have good food, I can guarantee that there is at least one good restaurant that you can eat at. Take your friends out for dinner, and if you can't find a cute Mom n' Pop place, then make the best of what you have! You can try a new cuisine or enjoy some local comfort food wherever you are. 


5. go outside

5. Go Outside 

Try taking a hike on a route you've never seen before with a couple of friends, find a river to jump into on a hot summer day, or stay out late and stargaze. Spending time outside is an excellent way to get some fresh air, workout, and explore the town you're in.


6. have a photoshoot 

You don't need to be a professional photographer or even own a nice camera to take fun photos with your friends. As long as you have something to take pictures with, you can get creative and have fun taking pictures with your friends or even just the scenery around you. 


7. see a concert

While concert tickets can be expensive, sometimes it's worth it if your favorite band is coming to town. However, if you're trying to save some money, check out bands and singers at local bars, clubs, or even just keep an eye out for really cheap performances (you never know what you could find). 


8. volunteer

Give back to your community by donating your time to local animal shelters, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, or any other place that could use an extra hand. This will not only be beneficial for your community but might inspire others around you to join in too. If you want to get more political, see if there are any campaigns you can join or even attend a protest in your town to support a cause you care about. 


9. see a movie 

Try searching for a cute movie theater that plays foreign films to get a taste of a different culture or one that plays old movies you might not know about. If your town doesn't have a cool movie theater, you could try seeing a new release at a chain theater or setting up a projector in your backyard and watching a movie with friends. 

- Sarah

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